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BLS Loetschberg Mountain Route TS Classic

Hersteller: simtrain , Hersteller Artikel-Nr.: 6050en
BLS Loetschberg Mountain Route
SFr. 44.90


BLS Loetschberg Mountain Route

Spiez - Brig

TS Classic


Now available

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  •  Deutsch / English / Français
  • Version:  1100


Discover one of the most beautiful European railway routes, the Lötschberg mountain route, which represents an important connection between the Bernese Oberland and the Valais.

One of the many highlights on this route is the 14,612 meter long Lötschberg summit tunnel. In addition to the freight and regional trains, many car loading trains also pass through this tunnel, which represents an important connection for road traffic there.

The route is world-famous among railway enthusiasts due to its double loop (turn tunnel) on the north ramp, its many engineering structures and the south ramp in the Rhone Valley. With the opening of the Lötschberg Base Tunnel in 2007, it accommodates a large part of the traffic between Frutigen and Brig. Since then, the mountain route has only been used by RegioExpress and freight trains, which do not have a route through the base tunnel.

Teaser video:



Driving video:


















Rolling stock

The vehicles

The player locomotive

The “BLS Mountain Route” package includes a locomotive that can be used as a player locomotive:


  • The „Lötschberger“ RABe 535“
  • BLS Re 465 001 „Mehr DurchZug“
  • BLS Re 465 012 „The Blue“
  • BLS Re 465 005 „Green“
  • BLS Tm-232 tractor

Car material

  • The “blue train” BLS 1st class EW IV
  • The “blue train” BLS 2st class EW IV
  • Der „blue train“ BLS baggage car

Freight wagons

  • BLS Uacs tank truck gray can be loaded
    • BLS Uacs tank truck gray empty
    • BLS Lgns flat wagon can be loaded
    • BLS Lgns flat wagon empty
    • BLS Uacs tank truck Shell loadable
    • BLS Uacs Shell tanker truck empty
    • BLS Sps stake car can be loaded
    • BLS Sps stake car empty
    • BLS Sgns container wagon can be loaded
    • BLS Eaos high side gondola
    • Habbins sliding wall wagon
    • BLS Gbs covered two-axle vehicle brown/red
    • BLS Ks stake wagon for wood
    • BLS DB “Sputnik” freight train support car red/white
    • Laaer's car transport truck

Vehicles for AI traffic

  • The RABe 524 / Flirt TILO
  • The BR 185 of the DB (German Federal Railway version)
  • Car transport train

and many more



The train driver tasks – scenarios


Start via “Drive” – “Standard”:

The 10 BLS train driver tasks are:

BLS_01      „Lötschberger“  RE 4265 to south

                   Loco:            Lötschberger multiple unit

                  Journey:       Spiez – Kandersteg - Brig


BLS_02      „Lötschberger“  RE 4274 to Spiez

                   Loco:            Lötschberger multiple unit

                   Journey:       Brig – Kandersteg - Spiez


BLS_03     Gravel from Augand near Wimmis

                  Loco:            Tm diesel with gravel truck

                  Journey:       Spiez – Augand

                                       Load gravel and drive to Heustrich - Locomotive back to Spiez


BLS_04      InterCity redirected via the mountain route

                  Loco:            Re 465 blue with express train beige/blue EW IV

                  Journey:       Spiez – Kandersteg - Brig


BLS_05      Goods via the BLS mountain route

                  Loco:             Re 465 „Durchzug“ with local freight train

                  Journey:        Containers loading in Frutigen

                                        Trip Frutigen-Brig with stops

                                        Containers Unloading in Brig


BLS_06      Mixed train to Kandersteg

                   Loco:           Re 465 green

                   Zug:             Passenger train with general cargo

                  Journey:       Spiez – Kandersteg


BLS_07      In the “Regio” via the BLS south ramp

                  Loco:            Lötschberger multiple unit

                   Zug:            Regional train

                  Journey:       Brig – Goppenstein – Brig


BLS_08     Gravel from Blausee

                  Loco:            Tm, Tm        

                   Zug:            Gravel train

                  Journey:       Loaded in Blausee

                                      Drive to Kandersteg – north portal

                                      Unloading at construction site


BLS_09      Containers from Italy

                  Loco:            Double traction 2 x Re 465 green and “Mehr Durchzug”

                   Zug:            Containers train

                  Journey:       Simplon tunnel – Spiez


BLS_10      Evening trip through the Kandertal

                  Loco:            Lötschberger RABe 535

                  Journey:       Kandersteg – Spiez


System requirements

- Train Simulator TS Classic
- European Loco & Asset Pack
- Operating system:  Windows 10 / 11
- Processor: Quad-Core with 3,0 GHz
- RAM: 4 GB DDR4-RAM (2666 MHz)
- Graphic card: 2 GB VRAM
- Free disk space: ca. 2,8 GB