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Gotthard Panorama Express english

Hersteller: simtrain , Hersteller Artikel-Nr.: 6037en
Gotthard Panorama Express Download
SFr. 35.00



Gotthard Panorama Express 

für TS Classic 2024

Article No .: 6037en
Manufacturer: simtrain.ch
Developer: simtrain.ch
Language: German / English

Version: V 1011



SBB Re 460 panorama train with Gotthard north ramp Flüelen to Göschenen



The "Gotthard-Panorama-Express", which gave the name to this additional package to the Train Simulator,
is a in the 2016 SBB tourist extra train launched.
It usually runs between Easter and the autumn days, in the morning from Lugano in Ticino to Flüelen
in the Urnerland and back in the afternoon. Between Flüelen and Lucerne the journey is supplemented by connection to a steamship on Lake Lucerne.
In the years 2016, 2017 and 2018, the train led 3 panoramic cars 1st class, a passenger car 2nd class and a passenger car with windows that you can open as a photo car.



Only the opening of the Gotthard Base Tunnel in 2016 will be called the "Gotthard mountain route".
It used to be simply the "Gotthardbahn". The mountain route is today in the part "north ramp" and "south ramp"
divided up. Both are connected by the 15-kilometer Gotthard tunnel between Göschenen in the Uri
Reusstal and Airolo, the highest place of the Ticino Leventina.

The Gotthard Railway was built in the years to 1882. Special features of this route are:

- Turning tunnels to overcome the great inclines
- Gradient of the route Erstfeld-Göschenen almost continuously 28






The rolling stock

The Re 460 - four-axle multipurpose locomotive of the SBB with 8300 hp.


The Re 460 - VSLF Association Swiss Engine Driver and Contender



The Re 460 - Gottardo 2016 - On June 1, 2016, the Gotthard Base Tunnel was opened.



Gotthard Panoramawagen Express    Apm 61 85 19-90 104-4


2.Kl. Bpm 6185 20-90 240-3



The AI Trains

The RABe 523 / Flirt of the S-Bahn train (line S2 train-Erstfeld)
A 4-part multiple unit, built by Stadler-Rail

The RABe 524 / Flirt of the TILO (regional train Ticino-Lombardy)
4 or 6 parts on the way in Ticino and Northern Italy
Built for both AC (SBB) and DC in Italy

The class 185 of the DB (version Deutsche Bundesbahn)
Built by Bombardier, this locomotive is often hit on the Gotthard



AI - RABe 524 / Flirt of the TILO

AI - BR 185 DB

Container car Sgjkkmms the DB, freight cars loaded with different containers


The scenarios

GPE_01 Gotthard-Panoramaexpress Sputh-North

GPE_02 Gotthard-Panoramaexpress North-South


GPE_03 Panorama Express in winter - a special trip


GPE_04 Replacement traffic due to road closure in the Oberland


GPE_05 Replacement traffic downhill due to road closure


GPE_06 heavy passenger train uphill


GPE_07 Interregio downhill


Quick Drive

QD_01 from the Axenfels to the Gotthard tunnel

QD_02 from the Gotthard tunnel to Lake Lucerne
QD_03 from Flüelen with regio uphill
QD_04 Regio from Göschenen to Flüelen
QD_05 Erstfeld track 4 uphill
QD_06 Gurtnellen factory for Erstfeld depot
QD_07 from depot Erstfeld to Flüelen


Free Roam

FSp_01 from the Axenberg to the south, drive uphill
FSp_02 from Flüelen uphill
FSp_03 from Erstfeld to Gotthard, uphill
FSp_04 from the depot to the north (from Erstfeld to Lake Lucerne)
FSp_05 from Pfaffensprung to Göschenen
FSp_06 from Pfaffensprung down to the valley
FSp_07 from Göschenen to Lake Uri, drive downhill

The route

The pictures gallery

















System Requirements:

Train Simulator Classic 2024
64 bit operating system: Windows 7/8/10 / 11
3.0 GHz PC or other dual core processor
8.0 GB RAM
Direct X 9.0c compatible graphics card with 1024 MB video memory
2.5 GB of free hard disk space